MW Lenticular UofM

It all starts with a plan

There are many approaches to creating effective lenticular work and it can start with something as simple as choosing two of your favorite photos. But lenticular can do much more, including impressive illusions of dimensionality, animation and optical effects. Midwest Lenticular will assist you in matching your goals with the right approach and help optimize your artwork for maximum effect.

Flip Lenticular
90% of all lenticulars are made using no more than 2 or 3 frames for effect. Its often a before/after, with/without or a short narrative sequence. It can be an incredibly effective approach and has the added advantage of being easy to set up. Additional frames can be used too, but more than a few frames can sometimes muddy the result.

Animated lenticulars are essentially flip lenticulars with less image-to-image change and more frames. As many as 60 frames can be used under the right circumstances, but it is often common to use 15 or fewer. Animated lenticulars often use symmetrical image sequences so that if a person is shown jumping up they are also seen falling back down in a way that creates a continuous loop as a viewer walks by. Animations can be built by hand or they can be taken from high resolution video sources using every 30th frame or other selective measure.

MW Lenticular 3D Design

Creating any kind of 3D involves producing a sequence of images that have small changes from left to right. In the real world this can be accomplished by rotating the subject on a turntable or by having the subject remain still and using a camera slider to take a series of photographs. The same principles apply to digital workflows using 3D modeling software. Digital methods also allow  for other options such as making 3D from 2D photographs or compositing images in specialized software. Using depth maps or reprojection techniques high quality 3D content can be created from a single image. Lenticular prints made this way have volumetric depth and appear rounded, not flat and cutout.